Majority of our jewelry is made from glass beads and a small amount of silver, plated, or stainless steel. Our string in our beaded jewelry is flexible stainless steal.


All plated, silver, and non-gold metal jewelry will tarnish overtime. Tarnishing is not a manufacturing defect and can be minimized by avoiding the jewelry touch water, salt water, shower water, swimming water (just ANY water or liquids), lotion, hairspray, body wash, sweat, perfumes, chemicals, etc. as this will speed up the appearance of tarnishing.


To clean jewelry, use a dry, lint-free, soft cloth and gently rub away any dirt from the jewelry. If needed, wet the cloth with water and squeeze almost all of the liquid out so that the cloth is just slightly damp. Gently rub the dirt off the jewelry and dry immediately with a dry soft cloth, so that no liquid lingers and tarnishes the jewelry.

Storage and Use

Store the jewelry carefully, preferably not rubbing against any rough surfaces that can scratch, damage, or crack the beads. A great way to store our necklaces is laying down flat.

While we make our jewelry with quality durability to last years with regular use, like any jewelry from anywhere, it should never be pulled or stretched for whatever reason (children, animals, caught onto clothing, etc.). This can ruin the look of the jewelry, as well as break it’s clasps, or even worse, the string holding the beads together.

Treat your jewelry amazing and it will stay amazing!