About the company

Welcome to Jewel Sofia Design! Jewel Sofia is an downtown Edmonton-based handmade jewelry company. We specialize in beadwork and bead embroidery. Our values include originality, creativity, sustainability, and most importantly, craftsmanship. All of our products are handmade unless otherwise specified in the product’s description. We sometimes sell handbags that we have decorated with beads too.

Our materials come from a variety of places. Some material has been purchased from big craft stores, some material has been upcycled from deconstructed thrifted jewelry, some material is taken from deconstructed brand new jewelry, and some has been purchased from small business craft stores. We use whatever we see, and the product becomes unique.

If you would like custom jewelry made with a sentimental charm or pendant that you already own, you can email me at jewelsofiadesign@gmail.com and we will integrate into your item. We also take take custom orders, if you have a drawing or a similar design you would like made for you, let us know! You can even send us a photo of the outfit you’d like to accessorize, and we’ll make something that completes it!

About the founder

Jewel Sofia was founded and created by Ashley Côté. From the young age of four, she has been practicing the art of making jewelry, whether it was beaded or non-beaded, and it has always been a dream to share her pieces with other jewelry lovers out there! She makes the jewelry with her mother, who introduced her to jewelry making.


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